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Dear Esteemed Members,

As valued members of the Association of Consulting Engineers Malaysia (ACEM), we are constantly striving to uphold the highest standards of excellence within our industry. It is with this commitment in mind that we are reaching out to you today to participate in a vital initiative: the development of a comprehensive salary survey for consulting engineers and site staff.

At ACEM, we understand the pivotal role that each of our member firms plays in shaping the landscape of engineering consultancy in Malaysia. Our collective expertise drives innovation, fosters growth, and ensures the delivery of exceptional services to our clients and communities. However, to continue our trajectory of success and maintain our competitive edge, it is imperative that we stay abreast of industry trends, particularly in terms of compensation and market rates.

The primary objective of this salary survey is to gain a comprehensive understanding of the current salary scale being paid to consulting engineers and site staff across various levels of experience. By participating in this survey, you will contribute invaluable data that will not only benefit your firm but also provide crucial insights for the entire industry.

The data collected will serve as a powerful tool in advocating for our profession's interests with policymakers and stakeholders. Armed with accurate and up-to-date information on industry standards, ACEM will be better equipped to engage with governmental bodies, negotiate progressive salary scales, advocate for fair fee structures, and influence the formulation of government circulars and Memoranda of Agreement (MOA) to better align with the needs of our members and the industry at large.

We understand the sensitivity of salary data, and we want to assure you that all information shared will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Your privacy and the confidentiality of your firm's data are of paramount importance to us.

We are committed to transparency and accountability. Once the survey is complete, the results and analytics will be compiled and shared with all members of ACEM. This will allow you to gain insights into industry trends, benchmark your firm's practices, and make informed decisions moving forward.

We recognize that your time is valuable, but we firmly believe that your participation in this survey is instrumental in advancing our collective goals. Your input will not only benefit your firm but will also contribute to the strength and resilience of our profession.

In closing, we urge you to seize this opportunity to make your voice heard and to actively participate in this crucial initiative. Together, let us continue to uphold the highest standards of excellence, foster innovation, and shape the future of engineering consultancy in Malaysia.

Thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to ACEM.

Warm regards,

ACEM Corporate & Information (C&I) Committee